Marine Gas Fitting

When installed correctly, a gas appliance or two on your boat for cooking, heating or refrigeration is incredibly convenient.

Unfortunately, many people think they can do a DIY job and “she’ll be right” but deaths and injuries from fire, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning have been all too common on New Zealand boats in the past.  

New gas safety compliance regulations were introduced in 2013 (AS/NZS 5601.2:2013) that made it illegal in this country for anyone, other than an approved and certified gas fitter, to install a gas appliance on a boat.

Today there are there are specific rules that apply to installing gas appliances on boats, such as cookers, heaters, BBQs and fridges. This is because most freestanding cookers and hob tops are designed for natural gas and need to be converted before being hooked up to an LPG bottle.

As a licensed Auckland marine gas fitter we can do gas conversions for your boat, as well as gas safety checks if you’ve recently bought a boat and you’re not sure if the gas installation is compliant.

Once we’ve made all the necessary checks, our specialist gas fitter will issue a Certificate of Compliance so you know the appliance has been set up correctly and is safe for you to use.

Anyone using a licensed gas fitting service, like Marine Safe Gas, can have peace of mind that they are complying with the regulations. Most importantly you will know that the gas appliances on your boat are safe for you and your friends and family to use, no matter if you go out for a pleasure cruise or a longer trip.  

Marine Safe Gas boat gas fitting services include:

Your safety when you're out on the water is important to us! We are certified, licensed marine gas fitters. You can have peace of mind our service complies with current safety regulations.
  • Fitting of gas appliances including, heating, cookers, BBQs & fridges

  • Fitting of bottles, regulators, piping and valves

  • Advice on existing gas fittings and replacement options

  • Gas conversions

  • Gas safety checks

  • A full Certificate of Compliance to meet current regulatory requirements.

If your boat is moored at Bayswater, Pine Harbour and Westhaven Marinas we can visit onsite as we have been issued with authorised tradesperson passes. We are also part of the Westhaven tradesmen directory.

Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to boating safety, get your boat ready for your next trip with a professional and compliant gas fitting installation. Give us a call on 027 601 6224 today!